Large Area Professional Spray Painting

Commercial Spray Paint and Repair Services

Eradicate expensive replacement costs with our on-site and off-site professional spray painting and repair services for the commercial sector. 

From cladding resprays to Small Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) repairs, our specialist technicians can restore your business’ damaged or fading surfaces for a fraction of the cost to replace them.  

Receive a free site survey within 48 hours of your enquiry

Rely on our expert colour matching service (RAL, BSI, Pantone)

Understand the cost of repair vs replace when receiving your quote

Spray paint for commercial use guaranteed for up to 25 years 


Cladding Respray

Make sure the first impression of your commercial building is the right one with our spray solutions for internal and external cladding.


Whether your cladding is rusting, peeling, chalking or in need of a colour overhaul, our specialist technicians can restore your cladding to look like new for less. Choose from a range of RAL Classic, RAL Effect, RAL Design and British Standard colours for a smart, professional finish that provides added protection against wear and tear. 

Lift Respray

Lifts are a busy communal area for businesses or residential properties that can easily show the effects of wear and tear with everyday use.


Our on-site lift respraying service for powder-coated panels not only saves money and time by eliminating your need for complete lift panel replacement, it minimises disruption to your business or property as our technicians work outside of office hours to complete the job.  

New Build: Commercial Spray Paint and Repair

Guarantee your new build completion dates with our efficient, reliable commercial spray paint and repair services. Our paint spraying service is particularly effective at producing a fast, precise and efficient finish in new premises. 


Water-based, vinyl matt and other types of paint are applied using a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) machine that not only achieves a seamless finish, it covers a larger area in less time than a roller application. From internal wall spray painting to kitchen unit repairs and respray, our technicians can help you meet deadlines and minimise costly delays.

Shop Front Spraying

Make a statement with your rebrand or shop front renovations with our dedicated shop front spraying service.


Our experienced team of professional spray painters use 10-year guaranteed, high-quality paints complete with colour matching service on your doors, windows, shutters, signage and frames with a finish of your choice to achieve a fresh, clean look for your business. Our commercial spray painting often proves cheaper and less disruptive than replacing panels or signage. 

SMART Repairs 

Dents or cracks in high-traffic areas of your commercial premises can undermine your business’ credibility at first glance. That’s why we use Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) to help businesses maintain impeccable commercial spaces, often for a small percentage of the cost needed to replace a much larger area.


Our fully trained technicians regularly work with a range of surfaces including metal, wood, plastic, resin and uPVC internally and externally to deliver a flawless finish, often providing a fresh layer of colour via our colour matching service.

Stairway Repair and Respray 

Maintain or restore the professional look and feel of your busy communal stairwells with our commercial spray paint and repair service.


Facilities managers, architects and new build contractors often rely on our experienced technicians to remove unsafe or unsightly chips to spindles, handrails or stringers. Our colour matching service ensures you can choose from a range of colours and our hard-wearing cellulose paint delivers full coverage and dries quickly. 

Wall Coatings

Create a lasting first impression with your clients, partners and employees by using our commercial spray painting and repair service for internal and external walls. 


Our team of repair technicians and professional spray painters can clean and re-point exposed brickwork, and repair and respray walls using our precise colour matching service. 

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Why Choose Coatings of London for Your Commercial Repair and Respray? 

Safety certified technicians
Safety certified technicians
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Industry accredited
Client satisfaction guarantee

Client satisfaction guarantee

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