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Residential on site Spraying and Repair Services

Halve the cost of your home renovation with our on site spraying and repair services for residential properties.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly kitchen makeover, new external doors or repairs to small surface areas that are prone to wear and tear, our specialist technicians can restore your property fixtures for a fraction of the cost to replace.

Receive a free initial consultation and quote within 48 hours of your enquiry 

Rely on our onsite colour matching service (RAL, BSI, Pantone) 

Understand the cost of repair vs replace when receiving your quote 

Spray works guaranteed for up to 25 years 

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Fight back against the weather and wear and tear with our repair and on site spraying solutions for property exteriors.


Our technicians can restore garage doors, carports, eaves, french doors, shutters, playhouses and gates, while providing a new layer of colour via our paint spraying service that provides fast and even coverage. We offer convenient on-site colour matching, allowing you to choose the shade and finish that’s perfect for your external colour scheme.

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Breathe new life into your home’s most valued spaces for less by updating the colour scheme or repairing chips and marks that can make a home feel lived-in. We will repair and respray baseboards, basements, bedrooms, bathrooms, cabinets, bannisters, crown mouldings, walls, ceilings and doors.


At Coatings of London, we know that our home is our sanctuary which is why we offer a cost-saving package for interiors, ensuring that you can eliminate those niggling snags across a range of rooms for less. 

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Kitchen Resprays

Transform your kitchen for thousands of pounds less than the cost of replacement with our kitchen repair and respray service. Buying a new kitchen is a major purchase but this can be an unnecessary cost if you’re looking for different or fresh colour with a few repairs.


Our surface repair specialists can remove gouges, scratches and even scorch marks while recreating any pattern or colour across many different surfaces, including wood, laminate and veneer. Choose from a range of colours and finishes via our colour matching service and opt for an on-site or off-site renovation.

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Railing and Fence Resprays

Boost your property’s kerb appeal via a new colour scheme or refurbishment of your existing metal or wooden gates, railings or fences.


Our expert repair and on site spraying technicians will identify areas for repair and colour match the area to ensure it blends in perfectly with the existing finish. Give your property the introduction it deserves with our expert repair techniques.

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Before: Roof Coating Repair and Respray.JPG

Roof Coatings

Reduce your heating bills and better protect your roof from rain and UV decay with our roof coating service. The importance of a well-maintained roof in any property should never be underestimated, especially not in a home. 


Safeguard your roof against the elements with our specialist coating service. Recoating not only slows down decay, it provides the opportunity for a fresh layer of colour, improving the look and finish of your roof. Our repair and on site spraying technicians will colour match your existing shade and apply the necessary protective coating.

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SMART Repairs 

Unsightly cracks or chips in frequently used areas of your home can accumulate over time, making it look tired or neglected. That’s why many homeowners rely on our Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) to help them maintain their much-loved home.


Our technicians work with a range of materials including plastic, wood, metal, resin and uPVC to deliver an immaculate finish, complete with a fresh coat of colour via our expert colour matching service.  

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Staircase Repair and respray

Combat wear and tear and maintain a clean and blemish-free staircase in your home with our repair and paint spraying service. From chips in bannisters to dents in stringers, our team have years of experience reviving frequently used surfaces such as staircases.


Hard-wearing cellulose paint ensures a full coverage of colour which dries quickly, and our colour matching service enables our technicians to effortlessly blend your repair work.

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uPVC Repair and Respray

Further extend the life of your uPVC windows and avoid the need for window replacement with our uPVC window repair and respray service. uPVC is known for its weather-resistant qualities but eventually, even uPVC can show signs of wear and tear.


Our technicians remove cracks or chips to frames, doors and sills and respray to remove discolouration. Save money on the repair of your uPVC windows and rely on our expertise as a spray-painting repair company.

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